It is with great joy and great heart that I enter into my 5th year as an elder in the 13 Moon Mystery School; tho’ I consider myself forever young, I am, we are, eternal, after all.

What holds me to the practices and vast amount of Spirit wisdom that I receive and share every month for a year, is the community, the SisterHood of us.

There is not one sister in the deeper community that I do not trust to hold me in Love No
Matter What.

I feel heard, held, witnessed, and reminded of my ‘Enoughness’, my wonderfulness, my challenges, and that I/we are here to hold Love in all its tenderness and fierceness.

In these times of great shifts, to know that I am in a community of women that hold radiance in the shadows, and hold that devotion with heartfelt clarity and love, well, I am all in.