Rosa Mystica Mystery School Presents

Lineages of the Scent Priestess: Remembering 13 Ancient Bloodlines


 January to December 2025

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The Invitation


I call you, sister of my heart.

I call you urgently, fervently.

I call you from the depth of my womb.

I call you from the deepest places being awakened within you.

I call you to be here, now:

To bring the full ripeness of your holy vessel.

You, daughter of mine, are an alchemist:

The elixir is Love.

You, my daughter, are a vessel of brilliance.

You’re here to embody love

You see it everywhere: friends, family, community, social media, news. People feel alone, isolated, and disconnected from themselves, one another, Mama Gaia, and the Divine.

It’s the malaise of separation. A kind of disassociation, a forgetting of who we truly are, causing a deep ache in the heart of humanity.

Stemming from patterns of the unhealthy patriarchy, it’s clear the harm that’s been done to all sentient beings over the last few thousand years.

There’s much in need of repair to bring us back into balance; it requires a loving, hands-on devotion to heal the wound of perceived separation.

Your rose heart yearns to raise the frequency of love on Earth … for all.

You’re not alone in this desire, beloved. Many of us are now heeding the call to journey along the Path of Love, shepherding humanity in its next cycle of growth.

You’re being called to deepen your capacity to embody love and restore balance—with yourself, your lovers, your sisters, your family, your community, and with Mama Gaia.

Remember your Scent Priestess lineages

For thousands of years before Biblical times, in the great cultures of Sumer, Babylon, Canaan, and Egypt, temples were the core of communities. Women went to the temples to be trained by priestesses and be in service to their communities.

Many were trained as Scent Priestesses. They learned that anointing is a vibrational healing of aromatic traditions, combined with self-blessing and intuitive awakening through the use of holy oils.

Holy oils have been used as a sacred practice for spiritual union, sanctifying rites of passage, and found in all ancient civilizations and cultures.

13 Scent Priestess lineages will be opened to you, combined with a specific anointing oil that carries its frequency.


You’ll explore 13 of these sacred Scent Priestess lineages & its associated oil:

As a Scent Priestess, you vow to embody love, knowing you’re a daughter of the Goddess, offering yourself as a vessel of divine grace, in deep commitment to humanity and all beings.

Temples of Asherah:
The Dragon’s Blood Maiden
(Courage Oil)

Temples of the
Womb Shamankas
(Intimacy Oil)

Temples of the
Amazon Shield Maidens
(Honor Oil)

Temples of Aphrodite
& Quan Yin
(Compassion Oil)

Temples of the Oracles
of Delphi: Pythia & Melissae
(Truth Oil)

Temples of the Maya:
Ixchel Rainbow Goddess
(Vision Oil)

Temples of Avalon:
The Celtic Bandorai
(Wisdom Oil)

Temples of Lakshmi:
The Goddess of Love & Abundance
(Prosperity Oil)

Temples of Egypt:
Isis & Hathor
(Priestess Oil)

Temples of Bridge:
The Swan Priestesses
(Release Oil) 

Temples of the Hawaiian Wahines:
Goddesses of the Moon
(Peace Oil)

Temples of the Myrrhophores
The Death Maidens
(Passage Oil)

Temples of the Magdalene:
The Christed Heart
(Rosa Mystica Oil)

Through anointing,

This first year foundation course is a wondrous invitation to reclaim your Scent Priestess lineage(s) and become a living embodiment of this sacred art. 

Come, activate your hands of light, pouring with love and healing, in service to the One Heart.

Weaving in the Magdalene as your Scent Priestess guide

Mary Magdalene is the most recent historical touch-point we have for anointing. Without question, She was a Scent Priestess.

It’s known that she and Yeshua reenacted ancient sacred marriage rites that were prevalent across Mesopotamia and the Middle East; these holy rites, which included anointing, were between kings and high priestesses, representing union with the Divine—a hieros gamos initiation to merge with the Beloved, unfurling a living embodiment of the exposed heart—in the name of grace.

Imagine the courage and devotion it took Mary Magdalene to anoint Yeshua just before his crucifixion, then during his death rites, and finally meeting him at his resurrection.

The Scent Priestess, as the Magdalene embodies, is unwavering in her ability to offer hands-on support and healing.

She shows us how to be present, in devotion, even during the most difficult of times, tending to those who are in pain, wounded, and experiencing a rite of passage.

With the Magdalene as your Scent Priestess guide, you reweave the lineages of the rose back onto this planet, supporting all beings to heal.

It’s a profound commitment to humanity … it’s the path of the heart. And each month, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse in the Magdalene mysteries with one of the three live temples.

I am your mother. I am your sister. I am your daughter.

We have never parted. 

The threads are weaving,

revealing the tapestry of your heart.

Open the sweet beauty of your rosa mystica. 

Gather with others. Bloom together, anointing the seed with love. 

Open to receive me. 

I am everywhere. 

Immerse in a unique

Rosa Mystica path

Your soul is beckoning you on an inner quest, where you no longer search outside of yourself for answers or validation; instead, you connect with grace and drink from your inner well.

The Rosa Mystica path brings you closer to the essence—the nectar—of who you are, infusing and pollinating your relationships and the collective … creating change and bringing more harmony within yourself and the world.

You’re entering a period of expansion and sit at the feet of wisdom keepers who hold direct lineages with beauty, grace, reverence, and joy.

It’s a safe return “home” to honoring yourself as a Temple of Love, knowing your power is expressed through being a fully embodied human—revealing your sensuality, your tender vulnerability—reclaiming it all as a Scent Priestess.

It’s time to become intimate with your Essence. 

During this foundation course, you’ll enter 3 live temples each month:



Receive direct transmissions of 13 holy anointing blends from Diana DuBrow, elder and co-creatrix of the mystery school. She holds an oral tradition as oracle and aromatic alchemist—with a lifetime commitment to reclaiming the dignity and path of the Scent Priestess.



During your second temple, you’ll be held by Elayne Kalila as you delve into the Magdalene mystery teachings. You’ll remember Her within you, as one who is awakened and trained holding portals for others to activate their codes of light through the sacred art of anointing. 



Finally, you’ll experience an embodiment temple led by Jacquie Eva Rose, as she weaves the red thread lineages of Scent Priestess, holy oil, and the Magdalene together through movement, dance, and anointing. 

A rare opportunity for you

How precious it is to enter a living, multi-year mystery school devoted to the Way of Love.

If you’re yearning for a sacred container that will lead you to more fully embody—with grace and wisdom—the magic and majesty of your purpose, then you have arrived, just in time, to your next quest.

You'll be transformed through grace, wisdom, love, and honor if you...

  • Have a heart of courage
  • Are willing to enter the unknown, evoking the vibration of the holy oils & your inner Scent Priestess
  • Feel the call of the Magdalene whispering your name
  • Sense that everything in your life can change at an accelerated rate, bringing healing & activating your seed potential
  • Yearn to honor yourself as a sacred daughter of the Goddess & her vessel of healing light
  • Are drawn to remember your Scent Priestess lineage(s) & learn the art of anointing
  • Would love to have a mentor to guide you along your journey, accessing special support circles & a dedicated WhatsApp group
  • Desire to be certified & study in-person as a Scent Priestess, access other focus areas of study in this multi-year mystery school, and/or wish to become ordained as a Scent Priestess

The mysteries will hold you as you…

  • Remember you’re an embodiment of love
  • Let go of old wounds that keep you in shame, so you can feel more alive and the erotic sanctity of your body
  • Understand that you belong—to yourself, to one another, to earth, to the One Heart
  • Begin to embody the path of love & amplify it in all areas of your life
  • Transform your relationships
  • Awaken your ability to heal through ecstatic love—without bypassing
  • Ignite more joy & the capacity to lovingly tend old wounds—within you and others

This one-year foundation course is required before any advanced study we offer, for example: in-person anointing training; anointing as a rite of passage; hands-on study of the 9 Sacred Oils of Egypt; Scent Priestess certification; Scent Priestess ordination.

My life since starting Rosa Mystica two years ago, is vastly different!

I discovered myself under layers of religion, patriarchy and saying yes when I meant no. In finding myself and being a part of this divine sisterhood, I was able to leave an unhealthy relationship of 11 years, leave my corporate job, move out of the city, find my sovereignty and start the journey of creating my sacred calling walking the way of love.

It’s important to know that the Rosa Mystica Mystery School is not for the faint of heart. I truly had no idea just how potent the holy anointing oils are!! Each one is a portal into the unknown. The deep unknown of remembrance to The Way of Love. The Way of The Rose. The Way of The Magdalene.

And when one surrenders to this journey the beauty, love and magic discovered is completely and wonderfully unimaginable! I for one will never be the same having entered these Sacred Temple Doors. I will forever be grateful to Goddess for answering my deep desire and bringing The Rosa Mystica Mystery School into my life.”

MyLa Justice

What Our Sisters Say

So far Rosa Mystica has been like a beautiful dance of self revelation, and of coming home.

Working with the Holy Oils has been such a gift from Diana DuBrow, one that I am able to cherish daily! A ritual of self love and connection from the beauty of Mama Gaia’s essence! The wisdom that we are being reminded of that is encapsulated and generously dispersed in the teachings of the Magdalene from Elayne Kalila, is not only fascinating, but also an invitation to embody those teachings and spread the love!

Then the Sha-Ma Temple from Jacquie provides a gorgeous opportunity to allow the beauty and the magic of the energy of each temple to move through the bodies and fields! What a beautifully profound and luscious cocktail. This is not just another course, this is a life changing gift to savour! Thank you”.

Kristy Jandrell

You’ll experience loving support, wisdom, and guidance during three live temples per month. Each one builds upon the other. You’ll…

  1. Delve into the lineages of the Scent Priestess by studying one holy oil blend with our beautiful elder, Diana DuBrow
  2. Enter specific Magdalene mystery teachings with Elayne Kalila, following the rose, chakras, and archetypes as a cycle of growth
  3. Be given anointing & embodiment rituals from Jacquie Eva Rose that combine the teachings of the oils & the Magdalene, encoding them into your sacred body
  4. Receive the support of your mentor (your Anam Cara-soul friend) and your mentorship group will be with you every step of the way

What you’ll receive

3 LIVE TEMPLES/MONTH (Value $3,497)
You’ll gather for a total of 36 Zoom temples

You’ll be assigned a mentor and small group for support; your mentor is your Anam Cara, your soul friend, supporting you on your journey. You’ll likely have a mentor-in-training assisting you, too

Mailed to you before the program begins, these oils are the amazing crown jewels of Mother Gaia—hand curated & blended by Diana DuBrow: Courage, Intimacy, Honor, Compassion, Truth, Vision, Wisdom, Priestess, Prosperity, Release, Passage, Peace, Rosa Mystica. This an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself with these sublime, alchemical oils

This oil chooses you to be its steward; Diana intuitively connects & discerns which oil is medicine for your soul initiation; the sacred oil empowers & supports you on your initiatory journey as a Scent Priestess

Self-anointing guidance so you can deepen your relationship with the holy anointing oils

With your other sister circle members & mentors on WhatsApp, where you can be personally witnessed for your journey & receive additional holding

Continued access to 24/7 support from all the sisters, Elayne Kalila, Diana, Jacquie Eva Rose, and mentors in the Facebook temple group dedicated to Rosa Mystica

Bonus gifts

Value $428

Access tools to support you to embody the Sophia Magdalena Consciousness that our world so deeply needs.

Receive 6 meditations, 6 altar cards, and 6 mini eBooks (for each face of the 6 faces of the Magdalene: Red Maven, High Priestess, Ecstatic Alchemist, Sovereign Queen, Rosa Mystica, Death Maiden)

So you may awaken your Inner Magdalene & activate Her within you

Enjoy 15 evocative audio conversations with Elayne and modern-day Magdalenas



Sacred heart contribution

While greater mysteries “belong” to all of us, they’re not free: They’re priceless treasures, and this particular training provides an accumulation of over 70+ years of our personal training & experience.

Worth $10,035 in Value

$3,997 (regular price)

$3,997 paid in full


$500 deposit then 12 x $310

Hear What The Sisters Say

Scholarships for BIPOC & marginalized sisters

We’re committed to uplifting and amplifying our BIPOC and other marginalized sisters. Your voice, your ancestry, your divergence, your priestessing, matters.

This temple has been on an active journey of unpacking—un-learning—racism and colonization for the past few years and we continue this, humbly.

We know that the work of decolonization, of all types, includes addressing financial inequities caused, in part, by generations of racialized resource theft, racial bias in public policies, and reduced access to resources for disabled and other divergent bodies; so we’ve created a limited number of scholarships specifically for BIPOC and other marginalized women who could benefit from this; we’re overjoyed that you’re applying.

Some examples of systematically marginalized people:

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of color, including: Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, multi-racial, Hispanic/Latinx and other non-white populations)
  • Disabled, physically/mentally challenged, neurodivergent
  • Immigrant, refugee, migrant
  • Low socioeconomic status


Temple 1: Courage oil & its lineage stories (Asherah: The Dragon’s Blood Maidens) with Diana 

Temple 2: Temple of the Void–Red Maven Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne 

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Temple 1: Intimacy oil & its lineage stories (Womb Shamankas) with Diana

Temple 2: Yoni-Womb temple in an Ecstatic Alchemist Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne 

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Temple 1: Honor oil & its lineage stories (Amazon Shield Maidens) with Diana

Temple 2: Solar Plexus Temple in a Sovereign Queen Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Temple 1: Compassion oil & its lineage stories (Aphrodite & Quan Yin) with Diana

Temple 2: Heart Temple in a Rosa Mystica Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Temple 1: Truth oil & its lineage stories (Oracles of Delphi: Pythia & Melissae) with Diana

Temple 2: Throat Temple in a Sacred Orator Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Temple 1: Vision oil & its lineage stories (Temple of the Maya: Ixchel the Rainbow Goddess) with Diana

Temple 2: Inner Sight Temple in a Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Temple 1: Wisdom oil & its lineage stories (Avalon: The Celtic Bandorai) with Diana

Temple 2: Holy Grail Temple in a Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Temple 1: Prosperity oil & its lineage stories (Lakshmi) with Diana

Temple 2: Inner Moon Temple in a High Priestess Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Temple 1: Priestess oil & its lineage stories (Isis & Hathor) with Diana

Temple 2: Inner Sun Temple in a Melissae Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Explore the first of three sacred passage guide oils

Temple 1: Release oil & its lineage stories (Bridget Swan Priestess) with Diana

Temple 2: Tomb Temple in a Death Maiden Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Explore the second of three sacred passage guide oils

Temple 1: Peace oil & its lineage stories (Hawaiian Wahines: Goddess of the Moon) with Diana

Temple 2: Temple of Grace in a Divine Sophia Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Explore the last of three sacred passage guide oils

Temple 1: Passage oil & its lineage stories (Myrrophores) with Diana

Temple 2: Temple of Immortality in a Pleroma Magdalene mystery teaching with Elayne

Temple 3: Weave both threads in an embodiment & chakra anointing practice with Jacquie Eva Rose


Celebrate all that you’ve experienced this year with the beautiful Magdalene as the lineage guide

Meet the Mentors

Amethyst Rays

Tuesday 9am PT

Priestess Leadership Style: Midwife
Archetypal Quiz High Score: Priestess
Magdalene Quiz High Score: High Priestess
Blood Ancestry: Southern Italian Lineage
Priestess Gifts: Intuitive/psychic, healer, unconditional love bearer, Scent Anointing Priestess, sacred space creatrix, songstress, manifesting maven, divine feminine mentor, moon mirroring and cyclical living guide, dreamtime messenger and past life healing, birth/death doula
Temple Keeper Oil: Cedarwood (Eternal return). This incredible oil inspires connection with self, truth and personal lineage in ways miraculous! Eternally grateful to have connected with this eternal homecoming.

Connie Viglietti uses her creativity and power of presence to hold sacred space from which transformation and growth inspire all who work with her. Connie is an intuitive healer (Scent Priestess, Reiki Master + Thai Yoga Massage) and sacred container creatrix with an extensive background in yoga and meditation, birth work, and wellness coaching. Her previous work with Emaya and the Back to HER™ online program creatively mentored hundreds of women worldwide, connecting women with their purpose and voice using community, yoga, meditation, and coaching. Guiding women to their inner wisdom and remembrance and watching them rise is what thrills her journey.

Connie holds monthly women’s circles and workshops both in person (Montclair, NJ) and virtually, runs retreats, and offers trainings. She offers private intuitive healing (anointing, reiki and Thai yoga massage), and wellness coaching sessions.

Connie lives in Montclair NJ and loves the ocean, performing, and spending time with her big Italian family, especially her husband, 2 children, and dog.

Learn more at

Kalibri is an intuitive gardener, alchemical artist and passionate earth guardian committed to reconnecting ourselves to feminine mysteries through regenerating our relationship to the natural world.

Training as a conservation biologist and 15 years of tending organic gardens fostered a deep relationship & love for the earth. She has extensive experience in various healing arts including an initiation as a Mesa Carrier and Conscious Dance facilitation. Her passion is growing herbal aromatics & flowering shrubs in addition to engaging in ritual and Priestess arts. She dreams of growing gardens of sacred beauty that host transformational circles honoring the feminine mysteries through rituals that pollinate heaven on earth.

Kalibri is entering her third year of Rosa Mystica as Temple Keeper of Cedarwood. She lives on the unceded territory of the Ktunaxa and Sinixt people in British Columbia. Her home is on a 15-acre homestead with her loving husband, dog and cat. You can often find her alchemizing and creating in her home studio.

Golden Rays

Tuesday 9am PT

Priestess leadership style: Ecstatic
Magdalene Face: Sovereign Queen

Dee is entering her fourth year in Rosa Mystica and in the beginning the second year of her three year apprenticeship this year.

She is Temple Keeper of Elemi on the Rosa Mystica Path. It chose her well, as Elemi helps increase one’s ability to walk in and bridge both worlds, the 3d and 5d. Elemi is keeper of the Mystical Dreamtime and Dee is a Priestess of deep dreaming.

Dee is a Life/Soul Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Family Herbalist, Bodyworker, Raindrop Aromatherapy Practitioner, Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner & Educator, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Integral Hatha/Kundalini Yoga Instructor (since 2000). She has also been facilitating Yoga and holding circle space in a Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centre for the last eight years. One of Dee’s greatest joys is guiding/holding space in groups and circles.

She is a Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner and Educator since the beginning of time as well as on paper in 2010. In love with the Earth Mother she co-creates in relationship, making healing allies with Plants/Trees & Nature; Fireweed, Nettle, Wood, Pine, Meadow.

She offers individual as well as group healing and mentorship sessions via distance and in person including sister circles and an 8 moon herbalism/plant communication mentorship. All of which celebrate our inherent connection with Nature and Spirit, the vital spark that gives life, calling us joyfully back home:)

Dee lives in unceded Traditional Ktunaxa Territory in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia Canada near Cranbrook with her partner of many years, Woody. She is blessed to be an honorary Aunty to many young people as well as her furbaby Ross. Dee is of Celtic and Ukranian Ancestry.

You can reach here at:

Leadership style: Mystic, Midwife, Edgewalker
Blood Ancestry: French, Scottish, Irish, Danish
Priestess Specialty: Hedge witch; communication
across the veils, channel, angelic, and mystical realms communicator. Birth and blood
mysteries. Multi-sensory, multidimensional healer.
Deeply connected to the elemental mysteries provided by Mama Gaia, while remaining
grounded in her ability to bridge the mundane.
Magdalene Expression: Red Maven

Lisa Kiehn is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, and has worked as a bodywork therapist for over 20 years. She served as a women’s health advocate, midwife’s assistant, and child advocate. She is a Reiki with Angel’s – intuitive healer, and teacher’s assistant.

Lisa has walked the path of the Priestess since 2001. She is currently an apprentice within the Rosa Mystica Mystery school and is devoted to walking the path of service and Love. Temple Keeper of Lavender, she holds the Violet Flame.

She can be reached at:

White Light Rays

Wednesday 8am PT

Julianna began her journey with the 13 Moon mystery school in 2010, becoming an ordained priestess in 2014.

During this journey, Diana Dubrow of the Emerald temple and the holy art of anointing captured her heart. Since 2012, Julianna has the great honor and privilege of working alongside Diana as a senior anointer and since 2013 she humbly and lovingly serves in 13 Moon & Emerald Temple in-person retreats.

Her desire and commitment to calling all the pieces home, for herself and the collective, continually evolves. As temple keeper for the oil Dragons Blood, Julianna unites with its gifts as an ally in the healing of wounds both physical and spiritual. And in her work with others, it lends courage as one moves beyond appearances and is transported into other states of consciousness.

The Sophia Magdalena archetype most expressed in Julianna’s life is Death Maiden. She is a Wise Watch Tower Woman, a Way Shower, and a lantern, a sacred pagoda radiating the Light of the Eternal Flame. Accompanying her parents in their journey across the threshold, while maintaining familial harmony for more than 10 years of dementia care for both parents, remains one of her most empowering and greatest honors.

While also being firmly rooted in her love of mechanical things, Julianna worked as an aircraft mechanic and home repair goddess for many years. She currently serves the collective as a spirit counselor, supporting sensitive souls, typically in times of transition to find empowerment, validation, and healing peace. One of her greatest joys is powering others to connect with their own inner guidance system through teaching the shamanic journey.

As an oracle, she utilizes the Cards of AN, hailing from the new earth energies, offering a window polishing for clearer seeing of the way ahead. She is a seeker who loves exploring life’s mysteries especially through relationship, sacred travel and ritual, ceremonial plant medicine and stillness. Julianna also enjoys helping people organize and beautify their spaces, both internally and externally, for greater ease and flow.

In her spare time you will find Julianna writing, organizing something for sure, deepening and ritualizing with various oracle cards, preparing nourishing food, deepening in the mystery, walking with human friends and her delightful companion Sukha, and of course, sleeping!

You can learn more about Julianna at

Divine Feminine Archetype: Great Mother
Magdalene Archetype: Red Maven
Temple Keeper: Lavender (The Violet Flame)

Katie Ama Rose (known within the temple as Ama), is a professional space holder, guide, and steward of the Divine Feminine Mysteries living in the north east USA. She supports women in their remembrance of who they truly are, coming home to their hearts and co-creating lives from this space.

A 4th Year initiate of Rosa Mystica, Ama facilitates embodied remembrance and transformation through 1-on-1 mentorship, ceremonies, workshops, retreats and the Temple of Remembrance Mystery School. She has walked a path of deep spiritual practice and devotion since a young age, eagerly following the threads Spirit has woven for her. She enjoys uncovering the magic in the mundane and attuning to the sacred essence of life. Her happy place is among the embrace of tall trees and rolling mountains.

Ama is devoted to the Way of Love and is here to hold and love others through their remembrance of wholeness and our collective co-creation of heaven on earth.

You can connect with her here:

Cobalt Blue Rays

Wednesday 11am PT

Leadership Style: Mother, Edgewalker, Compassion
Magdalene Face: High Priestess
Keeper of the Oils: Frankincense and Neroli
Gifts: anointing, deep space holding, catalysation; vibrational gifts, an escort into the Unknown and
sacred voice
Blood Ancestry: Stardust

Easula is a Transformational Coach with 30 years of practice and a Quantum Shamanic Teacher with a global reach. She is an internationally published author and is certified as an Intentional Creativity Coach.

With her background in psychology and the creative arts, Easula brings her clients beyond the
mental realm and into the dance between mind and feeling, leading them to a deeper knowing of
themselves and a higher frequency of existence. She intuitively holds her clients in unconditional
love as they navigate their life issues in a safe, non-judgmental space and she is a sacred retreat

Easula’s shamanic tools allow her to lead her clients wherever they need to go in order to find healing, stability, and inner alignment. She guides her clients into the depths of their darkness and
into their brightest radiance.

Easula was born in the United States, fell in love with Europe, and currently resides in Munich,
Germany with her family. She is fluent in German and English and works with clients all over the

Priestess leadership style: Ecstatic/ Midwife/ EdgewalkerMagdalene face: Red Maven
13 moon archetype: Alchemical Goddess 
Temple keeper oil: Myrrh (The Holy Healer), & Jasmine (Dancing with Passion)

Carmen creates safe and sacred spaces to hold people through significant life transitions with her deep nurturing and holding and has been walking the path of the Priestess within the Priestess Presence Temple since 2019.  

A ceremonial Priestess and Sacred Passage Guide, she is a powerful awakener and catalyzer, leading women to connect to their bodies via dance and tantric embodiment practices as they transition through trauma and difficult times.  In  recent years she has had the deep honor of walking alongside those transitioning from this life into the next as Death Doula, in particular, has been caring for her elderly parents as they transition. 

A lunar Hedgewitch who lives next to the sea on the Isle of Wight in the UK with her youngest son and her mother, Carmen can often be found dancing under the moonlight, practicing spellwork and magick or making herbal remedies in her home apothecary.

You can reach Carmen at 

Sapphire Rays

Wednesday 5pm PT

“I show you how to make peace with your challenges so you can align with your authentic purpose, embody your magnetic presence, and Lead from your Frequency. Becoming
Authentic and Aligned is my life’s work.”

Leadership Style: Priestess, High Priestess, Red Maven
Blood Ancestry: Celtic, European, Welsh
Temple Keeper of White Angelica, Holder of White Light
Priestess Specialty: Highly intuitive, Oracle, Seer, Diviner, Visionary, Transformative Guide,
Spiritual Guide, Crystal and Essential Oils Wisdom, Sacred Space holder, Energy Healer, Anointing Priestess, Authentic Embodiment, Next Light Death Doula, Lemurian Shamanic Priestess, Sacred Drumming, Light Language, Highly Empathic and Sensitive.

Nancy is a second year Priestess of the Rosa Mystica Mystery School and founder of Authentic and Aligned where she utilizes her Frequency Of You™ Framework to inspire soul-led women (and
some men) who feel unseen to own their inherent gifts, speak their authentic truth, heal their wounds, and have unshakeable trust so they can create expansive lives and businesses as embodied and emboldened leaders.

She offers private 1:1 sessions, group programs, workshops, community, women’s circles, and teaches an academy.

Credentials include: Certified Transformation Coach, Human Design & Gene Keys Specialist, Mental Health Specialist, Mindfulness Practitioner, Holy Fire®III Karuna Reiki®
Master/Teacher, Energy Healing Practitioner



Priestess Leadership Style: Mystic
Archetypal Face: Weaver-Dreamer
Magdalene Face: Rosa Mystica
Blood Ancestry: Irish, English, Scottish
Priestess Gifts: Grounded Visionary, Intuitive/Psychic, Storyteller, Songstress, Seasonal & Cyclical Living Guide, Sacred Space Holder, Strategic Connector + Implementor, Creator of Beauty and Resonant, Heart-Healing Spaces
Temple Keeper Oil: Frankincense (Communion with the Immortal, Immortal Beloved)

Juli has been deeply fascinated by the Magdalene since she was a young child and is devoted to walking the Way of Love. Since 2008, she has been a coach in devotion to deep spiritual study and practice. In 2011, she had the great privilege of caring for her father through his illness and accompanying him on his journey across the threshold, and it profoundly transformed her understanding of herself as a priestess and soul guide. She has been a member of the Priestess Presence Temple since 2018, where she has participated in Answering the Call, Essence Circle, Temple Guide Training, and the Rosa Mystica Mystery School.

Juli is a Sacred Temple Guide, a Holistic Health Coach, and a songwriter. She is the founder and temple keeper of the Moonwilde Temple of the Rose in her hometown of Pembroke, Massachusetts where she holds monthly temple gatherings both in person and virtually. She has co-led an annual Samhain retreat for women in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom for over ten years. She is a mom to two college students who she happily home schooled for more than 10 years and is married to her love of more than 20 years. When she is not holding retreats and temple circles or studying Scent Priestessing, Juli is a Life Transitions Realtor and Certified Senior Advisor, supporting women and older adults in envisioning their next steps and helping them navigate major life transitions with compassion and love.

You can connect with her here:

Fire Opal Rays

Wednesday 2PM PT

Katherine Witteman, M.A., is a mother, mystic, muse, eternal optimist, lover of life (and chocolate), seeker of joy, and devotee of love. Dedicated to walking “The Way of Love,” Katherine has embraced a path of deep spiritual study, practice, and devotion for twenty years. Her soul promise is to bless all who cross her path with an open and compassionate heart. With love as her compass, Katherine passionately guides women home to the joyful remembrance and powerful truth of their sacred sovereignty, radiant light, and innate divinity.

A member of the Priestess Presence Temple since 2016, Katherine has deepened her Priestess skills through the Artful Priestess Rose Circle, Temple Guide Training, and Rosa Mystica Mystery School. A Temple Keeper of Sandalwood for four years, Katherine embodies the Heart of the Priestess. The Magdalene archetype she most powerfully aligns with is Rosa Mystica, the Heart of Unconditional Love. Katherine is overjoyed to be a Rosa Mystica Sister Circle Mentor and is honored to create a safe and sacred space in which women feel loved and witnessed on their journeys of healing, expansion, and liberation.

Born with natural psychic and empathic abilities, Katherine is a skilled clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. She is a trained channel, energy healer, and Energy Editing™ practitioner.

Katherine is also a gifted visionary artist, certified Intentional Creativity™ Teacher, creator of Sacred Art Journaling™, and founder of Dancing Heart Art. She is honored to be a guest teacher for Musea, Mythica, Woman Unleashed Hawaii, and Creative U. With unwavering faith, deep compassion, and unconditional love, she inspires women to awaken to their most vibrant, joyful, empowered lives through the transformational magic and alchemical healing power of Intentional Creativity. An inspiring teacher for over 20 years, Katherine offers magical art retreats (online and in person) and sacred pilgrimages (nationally and internationally) in which she joyfully weaves her love of creativity and deep spiritual wisdom to create soul-nourishing and life-changing experiences.

Katherine lives on enchanted Orcas Island near the Washington-Canadian border. She spends her days deepening her spiritual practice, painting sacred mandalas and goddess images, playing with her two adorable puppies, and immersing herself in the magnificent, natural beauty of her island home. Her life’s greatest joy is mothering two heart-centered, brilliant, creative, empowered, young-adult daughters who have spread their spirited wings and are off creating their own beautiful lives.

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Priestess Leadership Style: Mystic/Challenger
Archetypal Quiz High Score: The Priestess/Queen of Death
Magdalene Quiz High Score: High Priestess
Blood Ancestry: Celtic, Germanic, Ashkenazi Jewish
Priestess Specialties: Visionary, Oracle, Empath, Feeling Navigation, Energy Healing, Anointing, Extrasensory Perception (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience), Bridging masculine to feminine
Other Specialties: Shamanic Healer—full Mesa Carrier in The Four Winds/Q’ero lineage

Born Jennifer Leigh Hasenyager, Lumina holds a blend of blood lineages. On her Mother’s side she carries the Ashkenazi Jewish line; on her father’s side, Celtic and Germanic. She walks with Myrraphore scent priestess and Avalonian lineages both etherically and through her bloodlines. She continues to explore and awaken the tapestry of holy lineages she carries.

Lumina’s career path in the 3D world has taken a few turns. She began as an academic eye surgeon/research scientist/professor. She quit, got an MBA, apprenticed with a therapist, and became a Certified Counselor of the Gifted and Registered Corporate Coach. After 12 years as an Executive Coach, Lumina returned to medical practice in Functional Medicine and then worked as an executive in a Natural Health Company.

Lumina is Temple Keeper of Vetiver, whose holy name is Releaser of Fear. Initially perplexed to be chosen by a seemingly humble grass (instead of an intoxicating flower), Lumina has deepened into a loving relationship with this profound teacher and ally. Vetiver connects Lumina to the grounding safety of the trees, to the molten power of the Magma Dragon, and to the comforting womb of Mama Gaia the Great Mother. Vetiver supports Lumina, a deeply sensitive empath who feels most at home up in the stars, to walk in the 3D world as an embodied emissary of light.

A 13 Moons Mystery School Initiate and Certified Scent Priestess, Lumina is a lifelong teacher and mentor and is honored to have the opportunity to mentor a circle in the Rosa Mystica program.

You can connect with her here:

Magenta Rays

Thursday 11am PT

Priestess leadership style: Weaver Dreamer / Mystic
Magdalene Face: Sovereign Queen

Dr. Rima Bonario is a Dream Weaver, Soul-Coach and Wild-Heart Healer with 30 years on the path of conscious evolution. She is a respected thought leader, speaker and teacher for women seeking to stand in their personal power while remaining open hearted and connected.

Rima is passionate about helping women experience personal wholeness, relationship harmony, and material abundance in their lives. She specializes in the arena of personal sovereignty and the challenge many women face in maintaining a healthy balance between caring for others and caring for themselves.

Rima holds doctorate in Transformational Psychology and has studied with master teachers in body-based energy work, Trauma First Aide and other body-based trauma informed practices, the Tantric Art of Sacred Sexuality. Rima is the co-founder of The Art of Quantum Living LLC, which trains and certifies people in the 21-day shadow work practice called The Quantum Living Process.

Rima’s best-selling book, “The Seven Queendoms: A Soul-Map for Embodying Sacred Feminine Sovereignty” explains how women can use the energy, majesty, and noble nature of the Queen archetype to consciously create a life they love.

Her coaching, workshops, online courses, sacred travel journeys use the transcendent power of myth and archetype, ritual and ceremony, and Soul/shadow work to help her students cut through energetic clutter, dissolve emotional baggage, and form wildly fulfilling habits of attention.

Rima has been leading sacred travel to Egypt since 2017 where she became acquainted with the Temple Art of Anointing. Inspired by her travels, she founded the Sisterhood of Anointing Priestesses, where she explores the lost Temple Art of Anointing to reclaim feminine power.

She is a certified Priestess Presence Temple Guide, and has continued her studies with Elayne, Diana and Jacquie in Rosa Mystica and the Scent Priestess path for three years. This year she is honored to join the Apprentice Program and be a Mentor.

Violet Rays

Monday 5pm PT

Magdalene Quiz: Ecstatic Alchemist
Temple Keeper Oil: Blue Lotus

Lettie Sullivan is a Priestess of the Sacred Arts and the Creatrix of the Goddess Galaxy, whose mission is to anchor energetic activism centered in Love, Divine Feminine wisdom, metaphysical principles and cosmic time cycles. Lettie is also an inspirational speaker, a professional organizer, life coach, and bestselling author.

Lettie’s 20+ years of mystical studies, practices and initiations-as well as 16+ years in private practice as a Professional Organizer and life coach-synthesized the birth of an online global community space dedicated to the evolution of consciousness occurring on the planet and to provide an energetic framework for a renaissance of healing and cultural intelligence.

Lettie is a senior priestess and mentor in Priestess Presence, an online mystery school and temple space with global membership and has been holding sacred rituals for shared grief, loss and healing of racial trauma.

You can find her online:

Face of Magdalene: High Priestess
Temple Keeper Oil: Bay Laurel
Magdalene Rose Oracle Card: Sovereign Queen ~ Gold Solar Feminine

Sandra is a Certified Temple Guide of Priestess Presence Temple, Returning Rosa Mystica Scent Priestess Initiate, Oracle Coach, and Psychic. She created “Woo Woo Wednesday” offering free Oracle readings for women in a sacred heart-felt space to be supported on her Reveal Your Radiance Facebook platform.

Sandra is passionate about reconnecting women to their heart consciousness and trusting inner gnosis that activates self-authority to embody their feminine power and reclaim their full authentic expression of self-love and sovereign power.

Over the past 2 years, she has discovered her lineage as a Cathar in the Languedoc mountains of Southern France. This validated her intuition as a child and her purpose to be deeply devoted as a Scent Priestess in service to love.

After a 32-year corporate career in oil and gas, she trusted a message from her spirit guides to cut the ties and take early retirement to deepen her spiritual walk. She stayed true to her calling despite outside opinions.

Sandra resides in The Woodlands, TX with her family enjoying the outdoors, biking, kayaking, and walking in nature with her dog. Many of her Oracle Coach clients are her former corporate colleagues who offered her a part-time consultant position.

You can connect with her here: Reveal Your Radiance FB Group and her YouTube Channel

Leading You

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Elayne Kalila is the Gatekeeper and Focalizer of the Priestess Presence Temple, a temple of over 90,000 sisters being called to remember the Essence of who they are while reawakening the path and vocation of the priestess in our modern day world.

She believes walking the Priestess Path is about integrating ancient Divine Feminine mysteries with modern life and commiting to spiritual practices that help you become fully present so one can serve from a place of love and purpose.

Eight years ago, Elayne Kalila was deeply initiated in the work of Diana DuBrow into the ancient lineages of the Scent Priestess.

Through sacred anointing and a continued connection with essential oils, she experienced a profound remembrance with the Sisterhood of the Rose, The Magdalene, and the mystery path of Rosa Mystica.

This path has emerged as a central focus for Elayne Kalila and has been the impetus behind many of her sacred pilgrimages to Avalon, Southern France, and Egypt—all tracing the lineage of the Magdalene and the Scent Priestesses.

Throughout these journeys, she has been remembering and conceiving the teachings that make up the Rosa Mystica Mystery School.

Diana and Elayne Kalila have been called to bring forth the scent priestess lineages into the modern era so we can all embody the Way of Love.

Diana DuBrow, Scent Priestess

Emerald Temple

Diana has offered her Priestess counsel, ceremony, and healing in retreats and trainings for over 40 years.

She is the founder of Scent Priestess, a sacred training that takes you into the heart, of the ancient art of anointing. Anointing is a 7000 year old practice of healing, awakening and consecration, passed from temple to temple, priestess to priestess. Using holy oils, and the laying on of hands, Scent Priestesses awakened the gateways of the body, and mind, to the healing life force of the divine. Scent Priestess are sacred passage guides, midwifing you from birth to death.

Diana has re-consecrated the Scent Priestess lineage of the sacred rose: Rosa Mystica. She has created the Emerald Temple anointing oils to empower modern day scent priestesses in their personal and professional work.

Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton

Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton is a Senior Priestess and dedicated sister of the Priestess Presence temple.

She has spent the last 15 years growing, healing and developing herself in the field of Holistic Medicine with a broad understanding of Bodywork for trauma release, Reiki, Jungian Theory, Shamanic practices, Art & Dance as Therapy, Divine Feminine Embodiment practices, meditation and how the mind creates & constructs our reality.

Jacquie radiates Muse, Priestess and Alchemical Goddess energy and has a very big heart. She is a good listener and guide. A highly intuitive and creative awakening midwife who loves supporting women to step into and own their personal power.

Her strongest gifts are transforming poison into medicine, the ability to deep dive into the realms of unconsciousness to bring back the gems buried there, and holding space for others to do the same.

A lover of good soulful music, you will often also find her dancing around her kitchen whilst creating glorious food for her family or in nature with her beloved fur companions.

Connect with her at:

What’s included

worth a total of $10,135

  • 3 live temples/month
  • 13 holy anointing oils sent to your home (Receiver 13 oral transmissions of the oils)
  • Temple Keeper Oil to steward (chosen intuitively just for you)
  • Mentor & intimate group support
  • Gorgeous welcome packet & preparation guide
  • Deepening practices
  • WhatsApp group support
  • Facebook temple
  • Opportunity to continue year after year for advanced study, including the possibility of becoming a Certified Scent Priestess or ordained


A: Your satisfaction with this course is our highest priority … AND we highly encourage you to enter into a deep meditation about whether you’re called to this path at this time. If you don’t absolutely LOVE the Rosa Mystica Mystery School: The Path of the Devotional Priestess, or don’t feel that it meets your needs, please let us know BEFORE February 28, 2024 and you’ll receive a full refund of monies paid MINUS the $500 deposit that covers the cost of the oils.

After this cut-off date, if for any reason you choose not to complete the year, you will be responsible for paying the full amount agreed upon when registering.

A: This is a private Facebook group that is only for Rosa Mystica Mystery School members only. You will be able to meet and dialogue with your sisters all over the world. Elayne Kalila, Diana Dubrow & Jacquie Shenton will be an active members of this group, so you can ask questions and garner her support in this forum as well.

A: Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all temple sessions on the Rosa Mystica page on the Priestess Presence membership site, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full sisterhood on the private online temple (on Facebook).

A: All temple sessions are offered on live stream video via your computer on an application called Zoom. These sessions are recorded so that if you cannot attend live, you can access the recording anytime. During the live temple sessions you are able to raise your hand and be called to share live on video and also ask questions via the live chat.

A: Our usual class schedule will be: 2 Sundays per moon + 1 Friday a total of 3 LIVE sessions per moon.
There will be some weeks where we will shift this schedule to accommodate the times we have deepening practices. During those weeks, we will not meet live so that you can truly integrate your practices. We will have some breaks that are designated as “Alchemical Integration” time.

The program will run January 28 – December 15, 2024 ( 12 Months)

A: Please visit the Customer Support section on the homepage where you should be able to find help, whatever your question. And if you can’t, please submit an online request form and we’ll get right back to you. The email address again is: We aim to respond to people within 48hrs but we don’t work weekends. If you do not get a response in that timeframe please resend your email.

How delicious is your love, more delicious than wine!
Your lips, my promised one
distill wild honey.
Honey and milk
Are under your tongue.
I eat my honey and my honeycomb
I drink my wine and my milk
I sleep but my
heart is awake.

I hear my beloved knocking.
“Open to me, my love, My dove, my perfect one.”
On my bed at night I sought him, whom my heart loves.

My beloved thrust his hand
through the hole in the door; I trembled to the core of my being,
then I rose to open to my Beloved.

Myrrh ran off my hands
Pure myrrh ran off my fingers
and I opened to my Beloved.

—The Song of Solomon

The Priestess Presence Temple LLC and the Emerald Temple are combined as the Rosa Mystica Mystery School. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. If you have any mental health issues please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program. It requires breaking through old patterns and ways of being – an initiatory process that can feel uncomfortable. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional), is rigorous and not for those who suffer from mental disabilities, depression, have suicidal episodes or are presently in therapy.

Each initiate is responsible for their own actions and boundaries. The Priestess Presence LLC /The Emerald Temple and its founder, Diana Dubrow, and Focalizer Elayne Kalila Doughty, are not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Initiates must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith. Initiates must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field and all such training is given in good faith to the highest known safety standards or perceived practices within this discipline.

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