School of Sacred Arts & Temple’s

High Holy-Days

Welcome, beloved.

We’re a living temple and hold two mystery schools dedicated to the Divine Feminine: Quintessa Mystery School: Alchemical Path and the Rosa Mystica Mystery School: Devotional Ecstatic Path.

In both mystery schools and as a temple, we’re here to support you as you take the vow to walk as love and remember the essence of who you are. Anyone who identifies as female is welcome here.

Our mystery schools & temple offer themselves in devotion so that the frequency of Love is raised on earth.

This is a stand to deepen the capacity to embody love—with ourselves, our lovers, our sisters, our families, our communities … and this beautiful, aching planet.

Priestess Presence School of Sacred Arts & Temple has offered, for our whole community, high holy day ceremonies since 2015.

We’d love for you to join us for any or all of our powerful Equinox, Solstice, and Cross-Quarter rituals.

We give thanks to our Hive Council who weaves our collective story throughout the year by offering all of the Solstice & Equinox ceremonies.

Our gratitude extends to the sisters who are part of Ritual: Certified Temple Guide Training as they offer their hearts in devotion during the cross-quarter holy days.

Join Our High Holy Days...

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Fall Equinox


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Shed & Shine
Annual Samhain

October - Novermber

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Winter Solstice


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Hive Council

Priestess Presence School of Sacred Arts & Temple founded the Hive Council in the fall of 2020 as a response to global atrocities and a way for us to respond to challenges through ceremony.

Several diverse, senior priestesses gathered together and during ritual space, channeled and co-created our Statement of Intent, which became the foundation of our values within Priestess Presence. We read these during every high holy day to cohere the space and call upon our collective beliefs.

Our original, founding priestesses of the Hive Council were: Erin Hawkins, Kimberly Firewalker Gunter, Lettie Sullivan, Aurora Farber, Rebecca Cavender, Elayne Kalila Doughty, Elsa Alegria Perez Dean, and Sarah Devereux.


Statement of Intent

In the Priestess Presence Temple, we are devoted to...

Remember who we truly are; bless ourselves; bless others; and bless all experiences as initiations.

We vow to...

Be an embodied priestess by walking the Path of Love.

As a temple, we are being called by all of our ancestors to...

  1. Re-knit & strengthen the pattern of diversity within Oneness.
  2. Weave multi-lineage “scarves”: Compassionate, timeless, kind, and loving, reminding us of the beauty of this world, living in the spirit of all things: the anito, the awen, the väki, the mana, the àṣẹ, the shakti, the holy spirit, the shekinah.
  3. Understand that this requires balance & a restoration of divine truth.

We believe this becomes possible when we remember & value...

  1. Integration of non-duality: Including lessons from history, while striving toward intimacy, inter-dependence, collaboration, incubation, evolution, and courage.
  2. Ceremonialists: That in ancient times, women of all ethnicities held sacred, ritualistic, ceremonial space. Now, we gather together this lifetime, to do the same; our work is to do this in the world.
  3. Interconnection: We are all one, all interconnected, all wondrous, all precious, all worthy, all powerful, all free, and an emanation of divine love: animals, plants, elements, stars, moon, people, earth.
  4. Alchemy: That the temple, every experience, and every living thing is held in a divine, alchemical container.
  5. Temple: This is an alchemical container that provides opportunity for transmutation & transformation—in truth, clarity, peace, and harmony—for ourselves & our world.
  6. Ceremony & ritual: These are powerful bridges between worlds, creating lasting transformation. Stepping into the alchemy of temple space with reverence and fierce compassion.
  7. Sovereignty: We are sovereign beings and thus, it is our individual, divine right & responsibility to create the world that we really want to see.

As embodied priestesses, we stand for…

  • Inclusivity, equality, reparations, healing
  • Being part of a diverse, devotional community that is richly interconnected & held by a transformational, alchemical, ceremonial container
  • Being a bridge between worlds
  • Transformation of personal and collective shadows—through contemplation, ceremony, and ritual
  • Walking the path of love
  • Stepping into the alchemy of temple space with reverence and fierce compassion
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