The biggest transformation in ETM I’ve had so far is that I have nurtured an active and ever-present connection to the divine, in both an etheric and practical sense, in my personal and professional life.

Every single day I am feeling into the spirit and archetypes within me, and around me. Whether I am in nature, releasing old stories into the healing waters of mother,; nestled amongst her trees and communing with their wisdom, or gazing at her starry skies as I look nightly for the moon.

Whether I am calling in a blessing before my sacred work, to draw upon the gifts of the archetypes; channeling the priestess, so that I may be empty, present and resonant; drawing upon the goddess of compassion to witness suffering and pain, calling in the muse to better connect and play with my young daughters- I am always coming back to being connected, attuned and feeling into what is here now, what is real for me in each moment, and how to weave the mysteries into my daily experience.