The biggest transformation in ETM that I’ve had so far is a deepening remembrance and connection to who I am and the sacred feminine within. This has led to shifts in the ways I see and experience my everyday life. It’s as if I have a new lens that I am seeing through. It is a lens that has always been in my pocket and now that I have pulled it out, polished it, and depending on how I hold it, I see things from different perspectives. I have become more attuned to the sacred feminine within and to the Priestess path.

What I loved about being in a smaller sister circle with Elsa Alegria is being seen, heard, and supported with unconditional love and acceptance. Elsa beautifully held this container as our guide no matter where we were on the Priestess path. One of Elsa’s gifts is the way she is able to weave together experiences, wisdom, and reflections in a loving, supportive, and expansive way.
have been and always will be.