The Temple Guide Training program has transformed me and the work I am meant to do in the world. It has given me focus, clarity, and, most importantly, confidence in my gifts and offerings. I not only now have a clear vision of my greater work, but I have the tools, wisdom, and faith in myself to deliver it. Elayne Kalila, as always, brings so much love and coherence to the space, infusing it with Divine energy. And through our mentorship circles and one-on-one work, Elsa Allegria has shown me by example and through coaching how to be the bridge between the Divine and the human world, how to truly tap into my inner wisdom and channel that of the Goddess to intuitively bring forth the medicine and insight needed. I’d been led by Divine intervention to enroll in this program, and I know it is a major turning point in my life, one of those markers of “Before TGT and After TGT.” I am forever grateful to Priestess Presence and the School of the Sacred Arts for providing this opportunity.