When I joined temple last year I was interested in two things: deepening my understanding of what it means to walk in love and how to work more intimately with alchemy.

If you’re interested in creating a new story in your life, to alchemize fear into love .. if you’re ready to choose to be conscious, to walk in love towards more expansive wisdom and growth .. if you’re ready to see that everything you experience is an initiation, then you have found your home with Elayne Kalila.

My biggest transformation has been to really see my repeating patterns – not only to see them but to feel into why they keep coming up. Elayne has provided so many tools to work my own magic. I love how she draws out of me my power, my answers, my inner knowing. I feel I have arrived, that I am home in temple. It is a feeling that’s hard to describe .. if any of my words ring true to you then just jump in. I couldn’t really afford the financial commitment but looking back now, this truly is the best money I have ever spent and I would do it again a million times.

My beliefs, patterns and habits have been turned on their head, and that is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Elayne!