Rosa Mystica Mystery School Presents

Lineages of the Scent Priestess

Remembering 13 Ancient Bloodlines

28th Jan – 15th Dec 2024

Lineages of the Scent Priestess is our 12-month, online Scent Priestess training; it’s a conscious choice to embody love.

This is the path of the Rosa Mystica, bringing you closer to the essence—the nectar—of who you are, infusing and  pollinating your relationships and the collective … creating change and bringing more harmony within yourself and with  your lovers, sisters, family, community, and Mama Gaia.

You’ll experience a powerful, safe place to heal, transform, and embody the Way of Love.

This multi-year, multi-level training is not just a program:

It’s a safe return “home” to honor yourself as a Temple of Love,
revealing your sensuality & vulnerability,
reclaiming it all as a Scent Priestess,
with the Magdalene as your guide.

There are many opportunities to further your spiritual growth and advanced study in specific Scent Priestess arts and with the Magdalene—including certification ordination—after you complete year one.

13 Scent Priestess lineages will be opened to you, combined with a specific anointing oil that carries its frequency. The Magdalene, one of the Scent Priestess lineages, will be our Sacred Guide. You’ll combine these two transmissions in embodiment experiences.

This is a rare and precious opportunity to enter a living, multi-year mystery school devoted to the Way of Love and the Devotional Priestess and calls to those who yearn to provide hands-on healing.

This school contains direct transmissions from the Emerald Temple™, founded by Diana DuBrow, and transmissions from Elayne Kalila Doughty.



Senior Priestess Mentor



Anointing Rituals for Rites of Passage



Scent Priestess in Sacred
Service (Mentorship)



Repeat Lineages of the Scent Priestess

Year 1:


In your first year, you’ll attend 3 live temples/month & be part of an intimate group mentorship led by a senior priestess and an assistant mentor who have been in your shoes.

Online with a group mentor

Prerequisite for any year 2+ tracks
$3997 paid in full OR
$500 deposit then 12 x $310

Year 2+:

In-Person Scent Priestess
Training & Optional Certification

In-Person Scent
Priestess Training & Optional Certification

After you complete your first year, you can return at any time to train in person as a Scent Priestess. This includes traveling to 2 retreats in California and you’ll continue to receive everything in Lineages of the Scent Priestess (1st-year level). After you attend the in-person retreats, you can choose to take additional steps to become certified or not.

Requirement for Certification or Ordination
In-person group initiation with Diana DuBrow, Elayne Kalila, & Apprentices


UK Gate 1 & 2 2024 limited space available


$7497 paid in full or
$500 deposit then 12 x $599

(please email

Year 2+: Become a Mentor

Group Mentorship Training with Jacquie Eva Rose


Year 2+:

Self-Study Options

After you complete your first year, you can return, year after year, to advance your study.

Choose between several tracks to focus on your developing skills … and continue to receive everything in Lineages of the Scent Priestess (1st-year level).

If you simply want to repeat the 1st-year level and join another circling of the 3 monthly live temples, select Returning Initiate.

Self-study from Diana DuBrow

Self-study from Elayne Kalila Doughty
$500 deposit, then 2497 paid in full OR 12 payments of $220

If you don’t want an advanced
study, but wish to return

No mentor, no new curriculum, Self-organized sister circle
$1,997 WITH OILS
AFTER $500 DEPOSIT, THEN $1,497 OR 12 payments of $140


The devotional path of the Scent Priestess leads us to becoming a sacred celebrant. If you choose to become ordained, it’s because you want to be able to utilize the holy oils and the ancient art of anointing to reconsecrate all levels of your life and for others.

You’ll be able to bless the child upon its birth, and tend to your sister who has lost her child through a miscarriage, sickness, or accidental death.

You’ll be able to anoint and bless those in a wedding party and bring your Scent Priestess gift as ministering to those who you can wed.

You’ll know how to bless at times of great joy and love as we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments as rites of passage ceremonies in life.

You’ll become a grief walker, and know how to sit at one’s bedside, preparing the body and the family for the passing.

It’s through this ordination pathway that you’ll take this time honored devotional path as service, through you, into the world.

This is your holy work, through the gifts you bring as a Scent Priestess–She who celebrates rites of passage and upholds the lineage of over 7,000 years.

Your hands of light are now awakened and you’re an aromatic alchemist who has a deep gnosis about which holy oils are needed in any rite of passage. You’re now ready to take your vow as a Scent Priestess and bring this holy work out into the world.

This is the path for those who are willing to serve in the temple mysteries.

You must first be certified (written & oral test, plus fulfill the requirements below).

You’ll then receive the ancient rite of passage ceremony that includes:

  • Receiving a sacred bath
  • Being anointed
  • Taking your vow

As an ordained Scent Priestess, you could lead your own temples to awaken the art of anointing as one of your acts of service.

Scent Priestess
Certification Requirements

Could be complete in 2yrs
  • Foundation (Online Lineages of the Scent Priestess)
  • In-Person Scent Priestess Training
  • 9 anointings & feedback form

Scent Priestess
Ordination Requirements

Minimum 3yrs

  • Foundation (Online Lineages of the Scent Priestess)
  • In-Person Scent Priestess Training
  • Scent Priestess Certification
  • Anam Cara Practicum
  • Assist at least 1 year at the in-person trainings
  • Personal mentorship with Diana DuBrow

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