Rosa Mystica Mystery School Presents

Lineages of the Scent Priestess: Remembering 13 Ancient Bloodlines

My life since starting Rosa Mystica two years ago, is vastly different!

I discovered myself under layers of religion, patriarchy and saying yes when I meant no. In finding myself and being a part of this divine sisterhood, I was able to leave an unhealthy relationship of 11 years, leave my corporate job, move out of the city, find my sovereignty and start the journey of creating my sacred calling walking the way of love.

It’s important to know that the Rosa Mystica Mystery School is not for the faint of heart. I truly had no idea just how potent the holy anointing oils are!! Each one is a portal into the unknown. The deep unknown of remembrance to The Way of Love. The Way of The Rose. The Way of The Magdalene.

And when one surrenders to this journey the beauty, love and magic discovered is completely and wonderfully unimaginable! I for one will never be the same having entered these Sacred Temple Doors. I will forever be grateful to Goddess for answering my deep desire and bringing The Rosa Mystica Mystery School into my life”.

MyLa Justice



Rosa Mystica has had a profound impact on my healing journey. 

The anointing oils have uncovered wounds I didn’t know existed to clear, freeing me from self-doubt. It has activated the remembrance of a place I call home that is the core of my magnificence that I can pour out into the world.

I will continue next year on this Sophia Consciousness awakening. Can’t wait!!

Sandra Parrotte-Weidman



The Rosa Mystica program is a catalyst for healing and transformation.

For myself, working with the oils has blossomed into deepening with the Earth herself and all of her creations. It’s a beautiful relationship, a partnership, where the oils support us as we heal, and we in turn support the healing of others.

Vanessa Flanner

So far Rosa Mystica has been like a beautiful dance of self revelation, and of coming home.​

Working with the Holy Oils has been such a gift from Diana DuBrow, one that I am able to cherish daily!

A ritual of self-love and connection from the beauty of Mama Gaia’s essence! The wisdom that we are being reminded of that is encapsulated and generously dispersed in the teachings of the Magdalene from Elayne Kalila, is not only fascinating, but also an invitation to embody those teachings and spread the love! Then the Sha-Ma Temple from Jacquie provides a gorgeous opportunity to allow the beauty and the magic of the energy of each temple to move through the bodies and fields! What a beautifully profound and luscious cocktail.

This is not just another course, this is a life changing gift to savour! Thank you”.

Kristy Jandrell



Rosa Mystica is where I belong. Being here learning and remembering is life giving for me.

I am awakening and remembering so many lifetimes of knowledge that at times it’s overwhelming. And yet, I wouldn’t be anywhere else doing any other work. Thank you, Diana, Kalila and Jacquie for opening this portal.

Thank you, Diana, for being a crone for me to look up to. I’m learning so much. I love you all!

Sara Mazenko



Rosa Mystica is a magical and transformational journey of self-discovery, alchemy and remembrance.

It feels like a homecoming and I am truly honored and blessed to be walking this path.

Carmen Hole



This course has helped me propel forward in my healing journey, discovery of myself, path and past lives, and even business.

Using these high vibrational oils in the proper way has also been very healing.

Sarah Bergmann



Rosa Mystica is a glorious journey into the potent scent priestess lineage. Diana DuBrow, majestic Myrrhophore, sacred sage, and storyteller, spun her tales of mystical teachings so powerfully, light codes flashed and emanated from her eyes.

Her precious elixirs awakened ancient oracle memories that swirled around me like temple dancers in fervent prayer, worshiping the sun. The potions helped me embrace my gift of channeling, and activated my light language. Magdalene Priestess Elayne Kalila’s transmissions and wisdom flowed through me like an ecstatic wave. Her feminine, fearless spiritual leadership reveals the importance of having an excellent guide and mentor.

Jacquie Shenton’s sacred dance charged my chakras and awakened the goddess in me. I am forever changed.

Libra Mayo

Author, Ancient-Future Unity

I felt deeply called to RMMS but I really had no idea how profound the experience would be for me.

The Emerald Temple oils have become such an important part of my spiritual practice and personal self care that I can’t imagine not having them with me as I continue on my path of healing and personal development.

For those who feel called to enroll in Rosa Mystica I can’t recommend it highly enough, your life will be profoundly changed for the better. I can’t express enough how deeply appreciative I am of this journey within Rosa Mystica.

The oils themselves hold incredible power but combined with the depth of knowledge and how profoundly Diana, Elayne and Jacquie transmit these teachings within our temple calls is life changing.

Krystle Davies

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Being part of the Rosa Mystica mystery school is like walking back in time, accompanied by wise, loving and powerful guides with the exquisite sacred oils as frequency raisers and companions.

It is a Journey of devotion, unfolding, remembering… I strongly recommend it to you if this is calling you. This container and sisterhood is loving and caring; it is truly devoted to bringing back Mary Magdelene’s teachings and Love unto the planet. I am forever grateful and blessed to have experienced it.

Lucie Bernier



I have participated in many programs and to me Rosa Mystica is unlike any other program.

A couple of years ago I started invoking: “I choose to remember who I truly am in my essence”. Quickly after that Rosa Mystica showed up as the perfect path. Loving and gentle, fierce and radically honest. This is my 2nd year; a 2nd round in the ‘same’ program. I know I could be a part of this program for the rest of my life and be in awe and wonder every year of the revelations that it brings to me over and over again.

It is alive. Beyond my beloved minds’ comprehension. It is a felt resonance that wakes up my Being. As a woman wanting to reclaim my true power, this is such a powerful gift. Guided with the utmost integrity by 3 amazing women leaders, I thoroughly enjoy the beauty and depth of this Mystery School. The sacred oils have become my best friends and allies. Deep bow to this amazing work.

Mirjam Boog



This is my third year in Rosa Mystica, and I feel deeply enhanced and potentized by following and diving deeply into the Rosa Mystica.

Being with Diana, Kalila, and Jacquie as they bring the Magdalene Mysteries to life has awakened my soul and heart in ways that I have no words for. This is a path of remembrance and to be experienced. I am a Daughter of The Goddess. I am a Priestess. I am an elder. I walk as love.

Jeanne Adwani

This Mystery School has gifted me too many treasures to count!

The transmissions about history, the plants, the blessings and invocations and the support from the sister circle have all brought out the very best in me. I have called back my divinity and my power and am making it useful. It is much easier to be perfectly human and perfectly divine when you are anointed and are the anointing one.

What a blessing this has been as my gifts have been unveiled.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Hallie Lifson

Instagram: @hallielifson



“My experience in Rosa Mystica has been nothing short of transformational.

This has been the deepest journey of self love, self honoring and coming back home to myself that I have ever embarked on. Rosa Mystica has gifted me the tools and support to integrate all of my parts, both my shadows and my light, allowing me to become the strong container that I’ve been seeking outside of myself for so long.

This journey inward has given me the confidence and courage to know without a doubt that no matter what comes my way, that all is well and I will be okay. I’m so grateful for the lessons, the sisterhood, and most importantly, a renewed inner perspective that is being mirrored in my most relationships.”

Nina Curtis



I recommend the Scent Priestess Training to anyone who is drawn to learning about the Divine Feminine, spirit, essential oils and healing. To anyone seeking deep healing they haven’t been able to reach in traditional therapy.

It’s an experience you will never forget. I know I am only in the beginnings of the impact this work has had on my life so far and I believe there is so much more to come. My question is, who will I be in 5 or 10 years from now because I chose to do this? This work has made a profound impact on how I feel as a woman, mother, wife, sister, entrepreneur, my relationship with myself, my daughters, the lense I see my life through.

In fact, what has been cleared is a path for me to live in deep devotion in serving the frequency of the Divine Feminine. My heart is so full from this experience. I literally had no idea what was available to me here…. I could not have imagined this.

The sisterhood, the full embodiment of coming into yourself, the ancestral healing, the sacred power of witnessing, the sacred power of being witnessed and held is beyond words and beyond anything I could have ever expected. Truly this is in the top 10 if not top 5 of the best choices I have said yes to!

Emi Navis



The Way of the Rose has been a spiritual homecoming. A profound learning/remembrance has been that the Magdalene holds all the archetypes of the divine feminine with her. This course has given me an intimacy with those archetypes that is beyond anything I have experienced before.

What makes the Way of the Rose so unique is that it not only provides the archetypal framework, it overlays the faces of the Magdalene with the sacred tool of the rose to create a pathway to deeper spirituality. As a result, I am getting closer to crystalizing my spiritual beliefs and practices, and have opened myself to more love. I can understand and access the divine feminine in a much deeper way than I have before and have begun healing the scars of my Catholic upbringing – I am starting to feel a softness towards Christianity instead of an immediate repulsion. I can see the ripple effects everywhere in my life – how I parent my children, my connection to nature, how I am in relationship with others – is more and more from a place of real love. It truly is unfolding the petals of my own heart.

Martine Hughey



“I first joined Rosa Mystica through a series of callings to explore the truth of Mary Magdalene – never did I attend church nor read the bible but as an archetype of the Divine Feminine and because of my RESISTANCE to Christianity.

There were a couple other mystery schools offering such exploration but I had worked with Elayne 10 years prior and she just happened to send an email sharing Rosa Mystica around the same time so I knew this was the path for me to move forward on.

Now in my second year of this training/exploration/experiential learning I feel aligned with a lineage that speaks to me. Through love of plants, goddess , rituals, herstory, and an unfolding revelation of ’things’ in life that I have always felt but never mentally aware of. On a practical level, I love the format Elayne, Diane, & Jacquie offer including sister circles.

I feel opened, humbled, activated and supported in a sisterhood that is beyond anything I experienced in my own 3D neighborhood. Something has been fulfilled while I still feel there is so much more to open to. I would recommend this mystery school to anyone”.

Kalibri Anne

I had no idea how powerful this experience was going to be on stepping in, but can truly say it has helped me to reconnect to my body in a way that nothing else has, and my heart is just so full of gratitude for the teachings, love and sisterhood that is shared here.

I feel a deep, loving connection to my body vessel, and have been feeling the potency of the oils and their teachings moving through me.

This has been such a potent catalyzing remembrance for me that has helped me to find the root of who I am — something was always missing before Rosa Mystica.

Ellie Cleary

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