Which of the 6 Magdalenas
is Awakening in You?

Remembering the scent priestess lineages:

The Modern-Day Magdalenas & Myrrhophores

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Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023

13 ancient Scent Priestess lineages revealed

The Scent Priestesses are reawakening to their aromatic traditions, remembering the art of anointing as vibrational healing, combined with self-blessing and intuitive awakening through the use of holy oils.

Join Diana DuBrow and Elayne Kalila as they reveal 13 Scent Priestess lineages … some going back thousands of years before Biblical times, in the great cultures of Sumer, Babylon, Canaan, and Egypt.

Why are these lineages important?

How can reclaiming them support you and our world, now?

2 potent lineages to guide us in modern times:

The Myrrhophores & Magdalenes

Our world is, and has been, in crisis. People feel alone, isolated, and disconnected from themselves, one another, Mama Gaia, and the Divine. It’s a kind of disassociation, a forgetting of who we truly are, causing a deep ache in the heart of humanity. There’s much in need of repair … requiring a loving, hands-on devotion to heal. We feel this deeply in our bodies, because as priestesses, we hold the portal for the old world to die and a new one to be born. This is challenging, transformational work. Thankfully, many of us have been remembering two ancient, profoundly interconnected, Scent Priestess lineages that have historically shown us how to tend to ourselves, and the collective, during times of great change and transition: The Myrrhophores and Magdalenes.

The 3,000-year-old secret sect of anointing
priestesses, the Myrrhophores,
is believed to have initiated the Magdalene as a
Scent Priestess within the Order of the Rose.

Explore these two, rich lineages with Diana, Elayne, and Jacquie, as they share how the Myrrhophores and the Magdalenes, alongside the other 11 Scent Priestess lineages, can guide us in our modern lives.

Scent & touch, offered in the sacred art of anointing, are two of the most powerful sensory medicines...

They open us to the wisdom of our soul, while keeping us grounded in the here and now.

The Myrrhophores knew this.

The Magdalenas knew this.

All scent priestesses know this.

Many of us are now heeding the call to journey along the Path of Love, as Scent Priestesses, shepherding humanity in its next cycle of growth–via holy touch and sacred scent.

During this Powerful Conversation, You'll:

  • Learn about the 7,000+-year-old anointing practices and use of holy oils by priestesses of 13 diverse lineages (from the temples of Asherah, Aphrodite & Quan Yin, Bridget, Avalon, Oracles of Delphi, Hawaiian Wahines, Maya, Egypt, and more…)
  • Explore the connection between the Magdalene & the Myrrhophore lineages: both transition priestesses deeply needed to provide a social & spiritual role at this time
  • Discover the Myrrhophores/Grief Walkers/Death Maidens lineage—holy healers who were awakened aromatic alchemists, serving as transition priestesses
  • Learn about Magdalena lineage & Mary Magdalene as a “WatchTower” woman, awakening within us to guide us back to the ancient practice of anointing
  • Invoke many diverse lineages of priestesses throughout time
  • Feel your connection to the ancient/future path of spiritual awakening and leadership
  • Deepen into the presence of the Magdalene as a collective energy of Divine Feminine embodiment and sacred union
  • Remember what it means to serve & bless others as a Scent Priestess & this important
  • Be invited to further explore the Rosa Mystica Scent Priestess pat

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