Meet the Magdalene: Sacred Bundle to Meet, Activate, and Embody Your Inner Magdalene

Discover how to meet your Inner Magdalene as a divinely human who is here to feel safe in your body and experience bliss, ecstasy, and pleasure—without shame.

This is the Magdalene who yearns for you to simply be in your naked, raw, electric, erotic embodied essence.

You’ll receive all of this:

+ Guided Meditation to meet the Magdalene as she lives in you—receive an imprint of what safety, acceptance, true presence, and ecstasy feels like as a natural state of being

+ Mini eBook on the Magdalene & learn how her gifts & sacred wounds are active within you—so you can feel ecstatic, embodied, as though you’re enough, and fully expressive in your holy body

+ Altar Card with daily invocation tot he Magdalene—take practical self-care steps that awaken your inner beauty through the senses while deepening your personal connection to her

+ Video Teaching, Enter the Temple of the Magdalene: Unveiling the Shamed Woman (42 mins)

+ Practice Video to embody the Magdalene (18 mins)

+ Deepening Video on how the Magdalene lives within you (11 mins)

+ 4 Interviews, or “Divine Dates” about the Magdalene with these incredible women: KC Baker, Lisa Shrader, Saida Desilets, Maleda Gebremedhi

+ Bonus: music playlist (found within the 11 min deepening video)

Unveil your shame, accept your body, and fall in love with your inherent ecstasy…

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