Magdalene Rose Oracle Audio Book & Transmission

Receive a total of 40 spoken word transmissions set to uniquely composed music that take you on the full journey of the Magdalene Rose Oracle.

Explore this stunning compliation that you can download & listen to at any time, held by the extraordinary compositions by Elayne Kalila’s soul partner and beloved, Bam Vox.

You’ll journey along the exquisite realm of music and words, merging form and formlessness.

During the 40 stunning recordings, you’ll:

+ Meet & activate each of the 6 Magdalena archetypes within you

+ Encounter your sacred wounds & gifts

+ Discover how they show up in your life to hold you, love you, and bless you so that ultimately, you’re on your true soul path

+ Understand the history of Mary Magdalene, the woman

+ Reclaim your feminine magic & power

+ Receive a direct experience of walking the way of love

Enjoy meditations, activations, and transmissions for each face of the Magdalene … and more!

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