Magdalene Jazz Club: Music, Spoken Word, & Ceremony

Featuring Elayne Kalila, Bam Vox, and guests

You’re invited to two elegant evenings of music, spoken word, transmission, and poetry all wrapped together in a lush, red velvet lounge.

Get ready to slip into a sensual night with life-long beloveds, Elayne Kalila & Bam Vox, where the heart meets the intersection of music and words.

As soul partners, Bam brings the music and Elayne Kalila brings the word. In honor of the Magdalene, they share two evenings that engender tender strength and fierce love.

Together, they’ve created a unique blend of spoken word, beats, and alchemy, drawing from and merging the worlds of the Priestess, jazz, spiritual hip hop, and trap!

If you…

…Love temple & music
…Crave feeling the upliftment of words slide down your throat
…Yearn to immerse yourself in a sultry evening of beauty & wonder…

…Then, the Magdalene Jazz Club awaits you…

Inside you’ll receive two previously recorded Magdalene Jazz Club experiences:

Night 1:

+ Agape Hour (instead of “Happy” Hour)

+ Journey of immanence

+ Spiritual hip hop & spoken word

+ Merging of the Masculine & Feminine/Christ & Christa

Night 2:

+ Heiros Gamos

+ Guests: Eden Amadora & Demi Fox

+ Receive messages of divine humanity in everyone

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