Holy Imbolc Ritual

JAN. 28, 2024

(replay available)

Light the candles,
look within.
Turn your face toward the coming sun—
The wheel is spinning.

Enter the mystery of this
in-between time:
The almost-rebirth.

See the threads of your story written across
the starry sky, embossed in gold,
awaiting warmth’s arrival.

We are waking from winter.
We are waking from the dark:
The pre-dawn of Spring, on the horizon.

Come, taste the fresh dew on your tongue.
Come, feel the rays of hopeful emergence
shine its light.

The wheel has turned again … and you’re invited to enter the holy day of Imbolc and honor the promise of returning light.

We’ve arrived at the midpoint between Winter Solstice (Yule) and Spring Equinox (Ostara)—a sacred nexus where the portal opens, welcoming the first shimmer of light that glides across the darkness.

Just as the days are slowly growing longer in preparation for the crocus and snowdrops to push their delicately resilient blooms through the earth, we, too, are preparing for a new season, a new beginning.

And now, this Imbolc, just as we have for thousands of years, we come to celebrate the promise of Spring with our ancient priestess sister of Celtic roots, Brigid: She who stays present to all that has been hidden and to that which is yet to be revealed.

Come, celebrate what’s emerging within you

Discover what is germinating within, promising to grow & be harvested this year

Discover what is germinating within, promising to grow & be harvested this year

During our annual Imbolc ritual, you will:

  • Connect with your 3 “seed words” you received & planted in the New Year … and feel what is germinating in the womb of silence
  • Light the ceremonial hearth fire in celebration of the promise of Spring’s arrival
  • Receive the flame of light that has been tended for time immemorial by our ancient priestess sisters (including the Celtic Goddess Brigid)
  • Discover what is coming out of the cold—what’s quickening—what’s warming within you

You are the mystery:

The Keeper of the flame, tending your wildest dreams … all held in the return of the Sun

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