Enter the Mystery

Ruby Circle

by application & interview

What is your focus?
What is real,
now that you stand here, bare, in your truth?
What is left?
Will you reclaim it? It is yours.
And if you have forgotten the gem-Essence of
who you really are, know this:
I see you—bright rainbow star
I see you —bearer of change
I see you—celebrant of
light, of life, of all.

You're Invited

…to join this deeply intimate, online initiation circle for up to 15 sisters who are devoted to the process of quantum transformation and changing reality constructs, in order to be in loving service to the One Heart.

And the transformation is real, beloved: The Ruby Circle places you directly on the path of ordination with the 13 Moon Mystery School™, if you choose.

This circle is a rare opportunity to train in the deeper teachings of the 13 Moon Mystery School™ lineage.

You’ll experience the power of being in live archetypal transmission and embodied practice with other sisters who are deeply committed to this path—all while being personally mentored, in a small group, by Elayne Kalila.

Your essence is ready to be illuminated.
Will you embrace this?

What is the Ruby Circle?

The Ruby Circle is an online, year-long (minimum) initiate path toward ordination with the 13 Moon Mystery School™, through the Priestess Presence Temple. It’s a prerequisite to the Emerald Circle
(in-person initiation training), which is required before potential ordination.

Over the course of 12 moons, we meet with all members of Enter the Mystery for two monthly live, online temples.

Additionally, Elayne Kalila will be your mentor, and each month, you’ll gather, with your small group of Ruby Circle sisters, in a very special, 4-hour deep dive temple to explore the inner mysteries.

During these monthly 4-hour online temples, you’ll experience initiation and training with 13 Divine Feminine archetypal transmissions. These are highly focused experiences created to maximize and amplify the alchemical process of transformation. As we liberate ourselves, we help liberate those around us—our families, our communities, the collective.

Copious support is available to you on this journey.

When needed, you can schedule a 30min 1:1 “tea session” (office hours) with Elayne Kalila or an apprentice during the available weekly sessions.

Receive 24/7 support on a dedicated WhatsApp group with yourself, Elayne, and all the Ruby sisters … providing you with a deep level of connection.

What happens in the Ruby Circle?

Elayne Kalila focalizes this temple space, with the support of focalizer apprentice helping to cohere the energies while seeing you, unmasked, in the beautiful essence of who you truly are and whom you came here to be.

This is the role of the initiator.

You’ll be held in a safe container, of up to 14 other sisters, directly applying priestess skills and practices to invoke a quickening, a quantum leap of change … all in the name of love.

You & every sister desiring to join will be interviewed.

If you’re ready to step in, you’ll agree to “go the distance” &
complete your 12-MONTH initiation.

we’LL create AN honest, vulnerable, tender, and fierce alchemical crucible for
individual & collective transmutation.

The best way to put it is there’s the me before the Ruby circle,and there’s the me after the Ruby circle. What this means is that I now get to live life with more of me these days, that I get to live my life knowing what it means to be my authentic self in my fullest expression and living in alignment with my soul.

I can’t think of any greater gift than that.

There are even parts of myself that have surfaced that I didn’t even know existed. This journey is such a profound and magical remembrance, a homecoming.

I have spent the last four years of my life and pretty deep healing work and the Ruby Circle has given me the most incredible toolbox for magic in my life.

I also get to be a part of a sisterhood that is absolutely stunning and incredible and through my sisters, I’ve witnessed badassery at its finest, and the most tender vulnerabilities and the whole spectrum in between. And it’s such an honor and privilege to get to witness that in his lifetime.

And then of course there’s Elayne Kalila who is such a force of nature unlike anyone I have ever seen. She’s able to somehow hold everything that emerges and alchemize is within this group. And she leads with a love and kindness that is very rare.

She’s a powerful leader, powerful magician who embodies the work that she teaches and I have very quickly become a massive fan of hers. And I just feel so blessed that I get to have an experience like this in my life. And to say that it has changed me is a major understatement.

Emily Baldoni


Hear What The Sisters Say

Accelerated Alchemical Transformation

We enter this initiatory process with the intention and agreement that each of us is on a soul quest, amplifying our individual remembrance and healing.

It’s a time to dissolve all that no longer serves you, so that your Essence is revealed—then ignited—as a flame for all to see.

Through this transformational process, you’ll be held and witnessed in a sacred crucible where we sit eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart.

The possibility for transmutation on the individual and collective level is profound.

With each practice and session, and each archetypal online temple, you’ll burn, dissolve, and release all that no longer serves you so that you can—ultimately—stand in your brilliant, illuminated, natural, embodied state.

Alchemical transformation means embracing all of who you are—the light and the shadow.

Then, the beautiful, unique elixir of your quintessence will be revealed.

And when this happens, you’ll have an intimate circle of sisters witnessing you alongside me, as your Initiator & Focalizer, honoring you in the embodiment of your gifts of awakened, devoted love.

Then the magic happens: We become One Heart, healing and celebrating ourselves from the inside out.

Do you feel the pull to catalyze the quantum remembrance of who you truly are and sit in an intimate circle with other sisters, also celebrating their essence?

Is this for me?

Sister, the Ruby Circle is for you if you desire an intimate, profound experience of being an initiate in a modern-day mystery school … and you’re dedicated to your path of spiritual maturation & expansion.

It’s a year-long commitment that includes:
  • 2 live, online temples per month with all of the sisters in ETM
  • Monthly 4-hour Ruby Circle Group temple with Elayne Kalila as your mentor & initiator (in addition to regular temples)
  • Elayne Kalila as your spiritual mentor & additional support from Focalizer Apprentice
  • Weekly “Tea” sessions (office hours)—when needed, you can schedule 30 mins of 1:1 support with Elayne Kalila or a Focalizing Apprentice
  • Everything in the Sapphire Temple (year 1)
  • …and more
This initiate circle is a deep, life-changing experience that will give you all of the 13 Moon Mystery School™ gateways of initiation … all within a potent, alchemical crucible that is deftly and masterfully held for you so you can more fully embody and remember the unique Essence of who you are—beyond the personality self. As with any accelerated initiation, you can expect disruption, dismantling, and changes in your reality constructs … along with profound celebration, remembrance, and a return to wholeness (a return to which you never departed). You’ll be challenged through 13 initiations to more fully embody your truth, power, wisdom, and heart.

This is for you if you:

  • Know you came here to be an alchemist of Love and healing light on the planet
  • Know in your deepest Essence—in the center of your heart that you are being called to stand as Priestess in your life and to bring this alive within your vocation/or job in the world
  • Are ready to choose to open yourself to radical and life-changing transformation
  • Feel called to step onto the path of Priestess Ordination with the 13 Moon Mystery School™ lineage (after you complete the Ruby Circle, you may enter the Emerald Circle, our in-person initiation, required before ordination can be considered)

This is for you if you:

  • Know you came here to be an alchemist of Love and healing light on the planet
  • Know in your deepest Essence—in the center of your heart that you are being called to stand as Priestess in your life and to bring this alive within your vocation/or job in the world
  • Are ready to choose to open yourself to radical and life-changing transformation
  • Feel called to step onto the path of Priestess Ordination with the 13 Moon Mystery School™ lineage (after you complete the Ruby Circle, you may enter the Emerald Circle, our in-person initiation, required before ordination can be considered)

Sister, are you:

Willing to move things out of the way and do what it takes to be of service?

Devoted to being a vessel of love & transmutation?

Called to deepen & remember specific Priestess skills & tools?

Yearning to immerse in the power of ancient-future teachings & rites of deep alchemy?

Ready to be of devoted service to Her?

Beloved, it's time to refine our priestess skills again.
We are needed.

Beloved, it's time to refine our priestess skills again. We are needed.

What’s Included:

13 live (4 hours EACH) deep dive initiationS & archetypal mentoring
With your Ruby Circle (one per month, held by Elayne Kalila—$16,800 value
Weekly "Tea" (office) hours
With either Elayne Kalila or a Focalizer Apprentice —$1,500 value
Unique & Specific Deepening Practices & Rituals
Created just for you in the Ruby Circle, by Elayne Kalila —$1,500 value
Dedicated WhatsApp group
With 24/7 support from Elayne Kalila & sisters in the Ruby Circle—$1,000 value

Plus, Everything in the Sapphire Temple—$3,997 value

  • 2 online temple initiations/month devoted to one of the 13 faces of the Divine Feminine archetypes. Each temple is unique and offers a direct transmission of that archetypal energy. These live initiations are at the heart of the Mystery School, opening a profound portal to awaken Her as She lives in you.
  • 6 Ancestral Healing Circles with Rebecca Cavender. Every other month, join her for a live ancestral healing circle. Be initiated to begin listening to your ancestors, hearing their storylines and longlines that come through you to be healed. This is a profound opportunity to weave and honor the wisdom and diversity of our sisterhood into the temple & the Divine Feminine archetypes.
  • A dedicated, intimate Facebook group filled with unconditional love, sisterhood, and support. This powerful crucible offers a web of potent connections where we share our deepest challenges and transformations through poetry, art, and song. Think of this as we gathered around the temple hearth, offering heart listening and unconditional witnessing.
  • Beautifully designed and detailed handouts for each temple with deepening practices to further your exploration, focusing on the shadow and light of each archetype. This “mind food” invites you to contemplate each face of the Goddess through sacred geometry, mudra, mantra, yantra, flowers, herbs, crystals, sacred tools, and much more!
  • Gorgeously designed virtual, interactive journal for each of the 13 archetypes, so you may further your exploration and practice. This includes an invitation to cycle with the new and full moons, enter into communion with each archetype, journal about your dreams, and deepen your personal connection with the Goddess.
  • Private membership site to access all your deepening materials, bonuses, journals, and recordings (audio & video) of every live temple. All of this is in one beautiful space, exquisitely organized so that you can lay your hand and heart upon any of the materials whenever you choose! Access to this membership site is evergreen/eternal, across all time and space.

Ruby Circle Bonuses—$1,894 value


At the beginning of the year long journey, this 90 minute activation will catalyze the seed of who you came here to be. Like a seed syllable in a mantra, there is a sacred sound that lives within us, a seed that yearns to be expressed. It is the potency of your gorgeous divinity, your unmistakable beingness. It’s who you are with no effort, with no trying. It’s what simply exudes from you when you are in alignment with it.


26 bonus audios and supporting practices offering a gateway to deepen in each of the 13 archetypes. These powerful audio guided journeys and deepening practices are an intimate way for you to take a deeper dive into each of the 13 faces of the Goddess. Imagine each one of these portals as potent medicine that you can self select, guided by your intuition. This sacred offering is not available outside this program.


This is a journey through the archetypal faces of the Divine Feminine.
It’s an inner roadmap, an entryway into the Mystery, offering a holographic form and alchemical map for your consciousness to effortlessly enter into a higher order of reality with ecstasy and joy. Includes: deck of 39 cards (13 archetypal cards, 13 sacred tool cards, 13 frequency cards); an oracular throwing mat with three tokens; four CDs; and a 200pg guidebook.

Total Value


Heart Contribution

$12,997 (Regular Contribution)


Paid in full OR

$500 deposit and 12 payments of $980

An intimate circle
3 places still available

Do you desire 1:1 mentorship from Elayne Kalila?

There’s a way to receive deeply profound holding, 1:1 mentorship, and a personalized, initiatory journey directly from Elayne Kalila. $25k for the year. Space for only 3 sisters.
You’ll receive everything in the Sapphire & Ruby Circles plus…
  • Access to Elayne Kalila via text/phone whenever you need
  • Laser heart sessions, oracle readings, and clearings especially for you
  • A highly personalized, specially designed initiatory path & mentorship—just for YOU
  • 4 personal deep dive initiations—up to 1 day long each (either in-person, online, or both; these are flexible experiences that usually take place at Elayne’s home temple as an in-person rite of passage)
  • Combination of in-depth shadow work, archetypal embodiment practices, anointing rituals, guided breathwork, and somatic practices designed just for you
  • Specific tools, are tailored to you, so you can embrace places you feel stuck, need to release, and get ready to step into a new way of being
  • Personal sacred anointing oil blended specifically for you to aid in your initiatory path; these blends are created from high-grade organic essential oils and include gems stones plus an audio meditation to guide their use
Do you need to have a

Deeper conversation with Elayne Kalila?

Sometimes we need more questions
answered & deeper witnessing

Click this button to schedule a 1:1 call
with Elayne Kalila
Do you need to have a

Deeper conversation with Elayne Kalila?

Sometimes we need more questions
answered & deeper witnessing

Click this button to schedule a 1:1 call
with Elayne Kalila

What is the 13 Moon Mystery School Priestess Ordination Path?

The Path of Ordination is different for each being.

As you step into the feeling harmonic of this path, the frequency is unassailable.

Like sitting in the presence of Amma, you know you’re in the presence of Divine Love:

That’s what we’re holding for this 13 Moon™ lineage … that you walk as a vessel of Divine Love. This is demonstrable in so far as everyone else around you can feel it; it’s felt because much time has been devoted to clearing away anything that’s not in the frequency of Love.

The Ordination Path is not a lightweight commitment with a rubber-stamp completion.

Ordination comes down to demonstrating that you walk as a vessel of Empty Presence and thus can alchemize and transmute through your presence and Love alone.

When you join this circle and enter the mystery of your heart and remembrance,
you’ll be held accountable to walking as Her.

You are the light of love:
a portal to infinity, a lightning bolt of possibility.
Enter the realm of magical dreams.
Connect to your Essence…
the family of the Winged Rose rising again
to the crystalline light.

Are you feeling called?

…Are you:

  1. Willing to be Her eyes, Her hands, and Her heart in loving action?
  2. Ready to “attune” yourself to the frequency of love, as your Essence expresses it, in service to the One Heart?
  3. Called to deepen your alignment, coherency, and integrity in service to your soul work?
  4. Open to remember a love that flows within you that’s so full, so unconditional—a love that’s been waiting to flood into your being—in service to your deepest mission and purpose?
  5. Prepared to undergo a powerful initiation that will ask you to face all aspects of yourself that have been in the way of being in service? (Are you ready to let “it” go … whatever IT is?)
  6. Willing to be held to your own sacred commitments … even (especially!) when it’s hard?
  7. Ready to be a courageous, bold, innovative vessel for the healing of our world?
  8. Choosing to live fully?


The Priestess Presence LLC “Enter the Mystery – Sapphire Circle” 13 Moon Mystery School is an initiatory process for spiritual training. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. If you have any mental health issues please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program. It requires breaking through old patterns and ways of being – an initiatory process that can feel uncomfortable. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional), is rigorous and not for those who suffer from mental disabilities, depression, have suicidal episodes or are presently in therapy.

Each initiate is responsible for their own actions and boundaries. The Priestess Presence LLC Enter the Mystery – Sapphire Circle/ The 13 Moon Mystery School and its founder, Ariel Spilsbury, and Focalizer Elayne Kalila Doughty, are not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Initiates must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith. Initiates must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field and all such training is given in good faith to the highest known safety standards or perceived practices within this discipline.

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