Enter the Mystery Priestess Initiation:

13 Gateways of Life, Death, and Rebirth

January 14 – December 23 2024

What Sisters Say

My own experience in the cauldron has burned away nearly all the remaining residue of fear and inauthenticity. I trust my sisters, because I’ve learned to trust myself more. I feel safer in the world, not because the world has changed, but because I have changed. These are but a few of the amazing side effects of the medicine ETM brings to your world.


If you believe, as I do, that we were each truly born for times such as these, then it is an easy distance to also believe that part of the work you have been called into doing includes being a part of a community that serves the highest good of everyone connected to you. Investing in myself (financially & energetically) to be a part of ETM is one the best investments I made [this year].

Kimberly A. Firewalker



I’m eternally grateful for Enter the Mystery, it’s the most transformational, powerful and empowering journey I’ve ever embarked upon.

I’ve felt so deeply held and supported all of the way. I continue to be in awe of its magic, power and depth every day.

This is a true feminine mystery school of pure love and heart, and complete, wild feminine awakening. I highly recommend this journey, it’s essential curriculum for every woman. Get ready for your life to be completely transformed and up-leveled in the most miraculous ways!

Jelena Love



My biggest take away so far is that we are all the same in so many ways. When Kalila says…”what is said for one is said for all”, this couldn’t be more true.

We all have deeply held traumas, fears, vulnerabilities … .BUT, the beautiful thing is that we are all also amazing healers who can hold safe space for each other…witness each other, and support each other. That is the most powerful medicine on the planet. I love each and everyone of you. Thank you for saying yes to yourself and therefore to all of us. You are magic!!

Rebekah Bohuki

I have the honor and blessing of being part of the alchemy and transformation co-created in the Ruby Circle this year. The universal breadcrumbs guided me toward Elayne Kalila and her magnetic, embodied energy solidified my intuitive nudge to be part of this circle.

The way Elayne Kalila facilitates the temple experience, the deep dive inquiries, unconditional loving support and unwavering call to deepen within each archetype of the Goddess, has created transformational experiences in each life of our sisters in the Ruby Circle.

It is a true testament of the embodied leadership that Elayne Kalila exudes, which calls each woman into her grounded knowing and empowered space to vocalize even the darkest shadows found within. The potency of this type of leadership and space has allowed for better understanding of self, facilitation of challenging conversations, expansion into greater capacities and is transforming us from the inside out. This is a lifelong practice of emptying to silence….to truly shed skins and rebirth as the divine human we each are. I have never experienced anything like this circle and my body knows this to be a connection of soul’s committed to doing the inner work which creates the out picturing of our lives, aligned in love. I am a forever student within the Priestess Presence and plan to continue with Elayne Kalila for years to come as I deepen in my own practices as a Priestess.

Eternally grateful for the Ruby Circle of 2023.

With love, Emma Grace



My year in ETM has been nothing short of revolutionary.

After working as a private practice therapist for years, I knew I was badly burned out. What I didn’t know was that I was soul-sick. There was not enough of ‘ME’ left in my work and not enough freedom in my lensing to even find my way out.

I was called so deeply to “more” – for myself and my clients – in a way I could feel in my bones but had no words or permission for. ETM has been a fast track to remembering and deepening into truths about love, service and humanity that we think are lost but are RIGHT HERE – right inside us – wrapped in a living mystery. I pulled out of a PhD program and ended up here instead.

It’s a decision I’ll never regret.

Charity Eugair, MA



When I saw that I really needed to do a deeper dive to find myself, I was called to enter the Ruby Circle. The archetypes are powerful, they do not let you hide, they bring up things that you have no idea that you’ve been hiding or been ignoring. It has been deeply transformative.

Without the Ruby Circle I would never have been able to unearth all of the things that I’ve been hiding or ignoring about myself. I can’t recommend the Ruby circle highly enough.

Elayne Kalila is a fantastic leader with all of her abilities, her intuition, her compassion and her initiatory skills. She also won’t let you hide and has a beautiful way of supporting you to become aware of the things that you might not even be aware of in yourself. I am a completely different person already just in the seven months that we’ve covered so far. And I am so grateful.

Susan Usman

The profound revelations and vibrational transmutations in the in-person weeklong alchemy of the 13 Moon initiatory gateways, the light transmissions and the doorways opening into each archetypal frequencies broke through barriers I didn’t know existed or could even fathom.

The potency of the daily alchemical initiations penetrated the deep core wounding as yet transmuted and astoundingly recognized ancient lineages and awakened codes previously inaccessible.

Layers of ancestral and dense personal patterning were liberated with each aspect of the Divine Mother unlocking the doorway to the precious divinity within and the fragrant flowering of my heart.

This seminal unification summoned latent forces propelling me to boldly declare my sovereignty, my body temple as a sacred vessel and my life as a devotional pilgrimage to love.

I am often brought to tears with deepening gratitude for all the ways these tools and embodied practices continue to open me to the power of love, the mystical living oracle of the sacred feminine and reliance on my own authority.

Devi Starfire Wetterer



The Emerald retreat was a beautiful and powerful alchemical journey of transformation!

Kalila and the other mentors held impeccable sacred space as we were guided into aligning with our deepest truth.

I felt both challenged and safely held in a container of unconditional love and compassion.
I returned home with both deeper wisdom and capacity.

Suzannah Fitzgerald

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