May 5, 2024
12pm PT,  Zoom

(replay available)

This is the union of humanity and divinity—
a reclamation earth & sky, male & female,
that brings the bounty of abundance
from the center of your heart.

Enter me & celebrate the union of life!

The wheel has turned again … and you’re invited to enter the holy day of Beltane and honor the beauty and renewal of the season.

Beltane is a natural portal that offers the opportunity to reflect upon what we seeded in January, what was quickened at Imbolc, became a seedling at Spring Equinox, and what is now growing strong.

It’s the energy of green and gold, in union, as beauty and power.

It’s the high holy-day of the May King and May Queen coming into sacred union to celebrate what will be born later in the year…

And now, we come together, just as we have for thousands of years, to celebrate the union of the abundance of life.

Come, celebrate what’s emerging within you

Discover what is germinating within, promising to grow & be harvested this year

During our annual Beltane ceremony, you will:
  • Attune to the frequency of green & gold
  • Connect to the presence of Gaia/Terra Sophia
  • Celebrate the abundance of blessings in our lives
You are the mystery:
Manifesting new life, tending your wildest dreams…
all held in the sacred union of earth & sky

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